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Diane Melin, MS, Ph.D.

This website is designed to help you think over options for simple and drugless modalities to assist in your health needs.

One of the most efficient ways to chart your personal biochemistry is through Tissue (hair) Mineral Analysis. Your hair reveals the minerals present in your body, as well as toxic heavy metals. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a very powerful tool for trace and ultra trace elemental analysis. ICP-MS is rapidly becoming the technique of choice in many analytical laboratories for precise measurements. Hair analysis helps to eliminate the guessing approach to which diet and supplements are best for you. Once you have obtained a detailed laboratory report (from a federally licensed laboratory) you will begin to have a greater understanding on how to bring your body in balance naturally.

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Nutrition Reflexology Acupressure (EFT) Tissue (Hair) Mineral Analysis Botanical (Herbs) Pet Therapy

Fees are as follows:
$245.00 Tissue (Hair) Mineral Analysis and office (or phone) visit/consultation fee
$45.00 office visits only

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Workshops available:

STOP GUESSING Wellness Workshops
Holistic Care for Pets (equines/canines/felines)

The Molecule Dissector - Mass Spectrometry
Gordon Research Institute
Breath of Fitness
Souper Experience
Labeling GMOs (A 2013 Ballot Initiative Campaign)
Unfolding the Future of Mass Spectrometry
Environmental Forensics

About Diane

Diane Melin has a Ph.D in Holistic Nutrition and is board certified with the American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA), as an Alternative Medical Practitioner (Certification Number 69612904); and board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), Certification Number 88452510. These are professional associations that offer professional accreditation in naturopathy and other areas of natural health. Both are private accrediting associations designed to meet the needs of non-traditional education and are not affiliated with any government agency.

Diane is the founder of Wellness Trails 4 U, a natural health consultation office located in Acton, California. She is in private practice and consults with clients both individually (call for appointment) and in group workshops. Diane's passion is for finding the right health modality that will work for people who can't otherwise find answers to their health needs, or would like to expand their choices to optimize health.

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Diane is available to help educate you to find a natural way to relieve annoying symptoms.

Medical Disclaimer: My services are not used to make diagnoses or prescribe medications. The information provided is an educational service, which can assist you in your personal search for optimal health or participate in the self-management of your wellness.